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 A client once told me: When a warning light comes on in my car, I take it to the dealership and let the experts fix it. I don't have the time nor the want to be on any dating apps. It sounds like I'm way overdue for service. You're the expert, so I'm here to let you fix it. 

That statement rang true to me and I agreed with him wholeheartedly. Vetting through quality singles who fit your criteria is a full-time job. Outsource it. While you're busy doing your job, my staff and I will be busy doing ours.

My clients are looking for the real deal and don't want to waste their time. I only pick the absolute best and leave the rest. Says, Rose. 

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Jamie rose

Jamie Rose, Founder, and CEO of Rose Matchmaking has a passion for matching her clients. She has been a professional Matchmaker for over 12 years.


Jamie worked for other dating & matchmaking firms prior to opening Rose Matchmaking. She felt there was a missing niche for more personalized & local matchmaking in her hometown of Houston.


With that in mind, she tailored her services based on her clients' needs and founded Rose Matchmaking. Jamie has an impressive client list & resume of successful matches & marriages.

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