Kyle M.


I had high hopes but not high expectations when I originally joined. My first few matches were nice but did not give me the spark I was looking for. But a few months in and I found myself in the kind of relationship I had really only dreamed about.

We connect on such an amazing level. Our 10 month anniversary is coming up and I think you've found the one for me. Thank you Jamie and staff, I'm forever grateful.

Lester B.


Rose Matchmaking are masters at taking normal singles events and putting really fun twists on them. I love the way they think outside the box, which is what a lot of us need these days in our dating lives. If the same old, same old, is not doing it for your relationships, maybe the creative people at Rose Matchmaking can spark up your dating life. With their years of experience bringing people together, they see all sorts of possibilities that are currently invisible to us.

Julie K.

I think they have very well organized and put together singles events. The locations are always very nice and upscale. I would definitely check out their events if you haven’t ever attended. I always bring a group of friends with me & we always meet people and have fun.